Deliver higher quality audit and accounting services and simplify data preparation

Automate testing and analysis with standardised data from all ledgers, from any client system

Introducing the Integration Engine

Made by auditors, for auditors

Quickly transform and standardise multiple ledgers ready for analysis, regardless of client system

Increase audit quality, simplify data preparation and save valuable resources with the Integration Engine.

Technology to solve your data challenges

Integration Engine

Quickly ingest, transform and standardise data from a wide range of client systems, ready for analysis.

Audit Common Data Model

View data in a standardised format to compare like with like, set benchmarks and automate audit tests at scale.

Knowledge Graphs

Bring context to life and highlight complex relationships in data sets with our Knowledge Graph-based tools.

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Who we are

Co-creating solutions to create positive change

Engine B is backed by the ICAEW, the global professional body for chartered accountants, and works together with regulators, firms and industry changemakers to create ground-breaking intellectual property for the sector.
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Engine B is an exciting cross-industry initiative which will transform corporate transactions and access to data, and we are pleased to be playing an integral role. Our members work in the public interest to build resilient businesses, economies and societies, while ensuring our planet’s resources are managed sustainably. Engine B will support and enable our 154,000 members around the world to thrive in a digital economy.

Sharron Gunn
Chief Operating Officer, ICAEW

We are working with Engine B to develop and deliver common data models within Professional Services. We believe that common understanding, description and usage of data will invite greater usage of technology across both structured and unstructured data to drive innovation in both audit quality, but also next-generation audit and in other areas of professional services. Microsoft is collaborating with Engine B and looks forward to continued support over the coming years.

Ulrich Homann
Corporate Vice President and Distinguished Architect, Microsoft

Legacy methods of corporate data access in professional services are neither client centric, nor do they create the open and standard access method that we need if we are to drive innovation and broaden competition. Clients are now, rightly, expecting better when it comes to the way professional services firms access their data and we are hugely excited about the opportunities Engine B creates for disruption in this market.

Shamus Rae
Chief Executive Officer, Engine B