Happiness at work week 2021

To mark International Happiness at Work Week, we surveyed the Engine B team to find out what makes them happy at work? Here’s what they had to say…

“What makes me happy is when ideas are heard. All of us have different life experiences which make us see things in different ways. It is really amazing when we have a chat about a new feature and everyone in the team looks at it from different angles and lenses. We respect our differences and hear each other out. That’s what great collaboration looks like!”

(Pierre Pauly, Lead Full Stack Developer)

“Having the opportunity to collaborate with my team so easily makes me happy at work, as you can share ideas and gain a deeper understanding or a different perspective on something. Working remotely has made it simple via Teams.”

(Lewis Jackson, Technology Intern)

“A sense of being useful, appreciated and purposeful.”

(Jaume Mora Pedros, Head of Product)

“Discovering new technologies and working with SOTA methodologies makes me happy. Oh and brainstorming ideas with colleagues!”

(Ioannis Efstathiou, Data Scientist)

“At Engine B, I am encouraged to create my own ideas and run with them, which I love. There is a sense of autonomy and trust; I am given the freedom to work in a way that suits me, and choice over when and where I choose to work. This level of trust is combined with a great level of support from both the leadership team and fellow colleagues – this makes me very happy!”

(Georgie Jones, Programme Executive)

“Collaborating with all those beautiful minds at Engine B and creating something truly valuable together. It makes me feel valued, gives me sense of achievement and puts a smile on my face.”

(Teodora Mihaylova, Programme Delivery Manager)

“Being part of an awesome start up where I feel valued and where I can genuinely have an impact while having a good laugh along the way.”

(Ryan Findlay, Full Stack Developer)

“Working on a project that makes an impact and brings real meaningful change, as well as working in a passionate team that understands and appreciates this fact.”
(Stefan Milenkovic, Front End Developer)

“The freedom of independent research, the fact we are using cutting edge technologies and the idea of no unreasonable limits.”

(Symeon Vasileiadis, Knowledge Engineer)


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