Behind the scenes: An internship with Engine B

As part of Engine B’s #BehindTheScenes series, we’re taking a sneak peak into the daily lives of the Engine B team. Before starting her internship with Engine B, London born and bred, Bjeshka Hashani (22), graduated last year from the London School of Economics with a degree in Mathematics with Economics. Today we interview Bjeshka to find out what internships at Engine B are really about.

What does a typical day at Engine B look like for you?

Working with both the technical and business side of the team has allowed me to work on different things simultaneously every day. From working with Machine Learning services to finding data sources, I have been able to develop and learn a variety of skills in such a short space of time.

How have your studies informed the work you are doing with Engine B?

During university I became increasingly interested in network analysis and its applications in real-life situations. Once I joined Engine B, I was able to quickly pick up on what Knowledge Graphs are and their vital use in Engine B’s purpose and aims. I never expected such a niche module I chose in university to be the driver for what I do at work every day.

What have you most enjoyed about your internship at EB so far?Bjeshka Hashani

It is refreshing to be working as part of a team where we truly understand the purpose and value of what we are doing every day. Everybody in the team has been so welcoming and understanding since the first day I joined and having such a great team is one of the greatest assets that Engine B has. It encourages me to work to the greatest of my abilities.

What are your goals and aspirations for the future? How is Engine B helping to shape your career?

Engine B has been a stepping stone for me into the world of technology. Technology comprises the foundation of the working world, and is constantly evolving, which is something that fascinates me, and I look forward to further exploring its impact in the future. Engine B provides me with the foundation to build these core skills (soft and technical) that will allow me to be successful in the technological field.

How has the pandemic affected your intern experience?

Internships are usually utilised as a place to network in order to truly understand the business, so it has definitely made lines of communication more difficult to develop. This has placed a great emphasis on socials/meetings and connecting with people through a new medium. It has shown me the importance of relationship building and communication within the workplace and how these themes will develop and change over time as we experience changes to the working world.

Do you have any advice for anyone looking to begin an internship?

My main advice would be to be open to new opportunities once you start. Going in with confidence and drive will allow you to stretch yourself and make the most of your experience. What you gain from these experiences is what you make of it!

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