Knowledge Graphs

Creating the context for intelligent decision-making

Uncover next-level insights

Change the way you see data

EB Graph Insights Engine

Leverage our Knowledge Graph technology to understand the context behind evidence, discover linkages in data and drill down on potential risks or anomalies.

What is a Knowledge Graph?

Watch our short explainer video to learn how Knowledge Graphs are transforming the way we visualise data

Why use a Knowledge Graph?

Data is related

Knowledge Graphs present both the data and relationships between pieces of data to provide much-need context.

Easy visualisations

Knowledge Graphs are visually simple and easy to manipulate, so you don't have to be super technical to use them.

Customisable queries

Our Graph Insights Engine has built-in common queries and allows you to create your own queries based on your methodology.

Data integration

Knowledge Graphs can take source data from a wide range of places. For example, you could connect to open banking data to validate receipts.

What can I do with a Knowledge Graph?

Endless possibilities

Improve efficiency and gain the competitive edge

Knowledge Graphs are diverse and can be used for various types of analysis. Users can find anomalies, identify risk patterns, manage networks and supply chains and detect communities within data. Business process analysis, four-way matching and evidence-to-reconciliation confirmation too - the list goes on. Want to know more? Download our guide for a detailed look at our Knowledge Graph use cases.