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Engine B Joins CliftonLarsonAllen to Advance Business Insights

The team behind Engine B has recently become a part of CliftonLarsonAllen LLP, bringing our proprietary technology to enhance CliftonLarsonAllen’s intelligence platform. This collaboration allows us to provide more comprehensive business and financial insights to our clients.

Who are we?

The future is now

Our purpose

At Engine B, our purpose is to revolutionise the way people work by leveraging the power of next-generation AI technology. Our UK-based team specialises in developing cutting-edge AI tools that automate complex processes, saving professionals valuable time and providing intelligent data insights. Our goal is to improve quality, reduce risk, and empower professionals to focus on what matters most. Founded in 2019 by Donne Burrows and Shamus Rae, Engine B team members joined CliftonLarsonAllen in May 2024.

Why choose Engine B?

Backed by industry

Different from standard software suppliers, we are co-creating and leveraging expertise from leading audit firms, global associations and regulators, including our partners, the ICAEW and Microsoft.

Tailored to your needs

Engine B is modular by design. This means our clients can pick the most appropriate products and services based on individual needs and digital maturity.

Save time and money

Manual data wrangling to tidy and reconcile evidence is expensive. Our products reduce the burdens associated with data volume and complexity, saving both you and your client significant time and money.

Leadership Team

Shamus Rae

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Prior to the birth of Engine B, Shamus spent 13 years at KPMG as a Partner and Head of Innovation. His work concentrated on new and disruptive technologies and their impact on the Professional Services industry. Shamus is committed to revolutionising the way companies work and his people-focused values are paving the way for a new generation of responsible leadership. A dedicated change-maker and highly respected industry voice, Shamus is now exclusively focused on leveraging AI and data to transform organisations.

Donne Burrows

Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder

An accomplished business transformation programme leader, Donne has over 20 years experience in both professional services and industry roles. Donne spent 14 years at KPMG working in a variety of client-facing and strategic internal roles focusing on large scale operational transformation and laterally the impact of AI and digital on the professional services industry. Donne co-founded Engine B in response to the burning platform for change within professional services.

Keith Symington

Chief Technology Officer

With 17 years’ experience as a Chief Technical Officer (CTO) under his belt, Keith joined Engine B in October 2021 to lead the push to initial product release. Having been involved in founding three start-ups, and advising many more, Keith played a key role in developing cloud infrastructure for a novel FinTech payments’ architecture, commonly known as request-to-pay (RTP). He holds a keen interest and enthusiasm in the convergence of software, hardware, and artificial intelligence as Industry 4.0 emerges, and with his wealth of knowledge is guiding Engine B’s product implementation in its early stages.

Our Board Members

Sharron Gunn

Chief Operating Officer at the ICAEW and Engine B Board Member

Sharron joined ICAEW in 2001 as Head of Technical Service and Product Development before being promoted to Director, Member Services in 2006, to Executive Director in 2012 and to Chief Operating Officer in 2021. As COO, she oversees all the functions that support ICAEW’s Strategic Foundations. Sharron is also ICAEW’s gender diversity lead and has developed a wide range of programmes for women in the accountancy profession, notably the ICAEW Women in Leadership programme and is involved with the National Black Women’s Network, supporting BME women in small businesses.

Michael Izza

Chief Executive Officer at the ICAEW and Non-Executive Director for Engine B

CEO at Institute of Chartered Accountants for England and Wales since 2006, Michael’s leadership at ICAEW is helping its members enable a world of sustainable economies. Michael chairs Chartered Accountants Worldwide and is a board member of the Capitals Coalition. Regularly meeting ministers, policy-makers and regulators from around the world, Michael is a frequent media commentator on economic and business issues and has a particular interest in technology and the SDGs.

Sarah Gentleman

Non-Executive Director and Board Advisor for Engine B

Sarah is a PLC board director and advisor to multiple FinTech companies. She has a background in strategic consulting at McKinsey, finance and early stage growth companies including Head of Strategic Development at Egg and MD and CFO at a challenger telecommunications company. Sarah is currently on the board at Rathbones PLC, where she chairs the Remuneration Committee.

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