EB Integration Engine

Quickly ingest, transform and standardise client data ready for analysis

What is the Integration Engine?

Messy data becomes standardised

Mandatory fields

The Integration Engine knows the core information you need to perform certain audit tests. Our system checks the incoming data and tells you if you’re missing something.

Imperfect file

Everyone receives messy files with various formatting issues. Our ‘imperfect file’ functionality cleans these problems up, helping you to reformat and upload.

SaaS or own cloud

You can use the Integration Engine through our secure web portal, or we can deploy it straight into your internal cloud environment, depending on your needs and resourcing.


We are built with, and on, Microsoft Azure, providing you with the most secure environments possible.

A tool for key ERPs

Supporting the most common finance systems

The Integration Engine connects to the most common finance systems, with further systems added monthly. See our Development Roadmap to find out more about ERP priorities and our soon-to-launch 'Custom Mapper' functionality, which allows firms to create connections to new, industry-specific or customised ERPs.

Start using the Integration Engine

Read Guide

Download our product guide for a detailed insight into the Integration Engine and its key features.

Watch Demo

Want to see the Integration Engine in action? Watch our video demonstration to see first-hand how it can support your audit.

Access Audit CDM

Underpinning the Integration Engine is the Audit Common Data Model. For access, visit our Audit CDM on GitHub.

Top Integration Engine FAQs